Catering Information

Contact us to host your next event at the Waterfront Grille. Our catering menu is listed below. Please remember, we would love to help develop the perfect menu for your event, tailored around your tastes and using the freshest ingredients of the season.


The Waterfront Grille
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Phyllo Triangles:
Phyllo pastry filled with assorted fillings, baked golden crisp
Spinach & Feta   .95 each
Blue Cheese & Walnut  .95 Each
Artichoke Heart & Parmesan   .95 Each
Sun-dried Tomato & Goat Cheese   .95 Each

Stuffed Mushrooms:
Generously filled & baked
Plain Bread Crumbs & Cheese 1.00 Each
Spinach Walnut & Blue Cheese 1.00 Each
Crab Meat Sun-dried Tomato Mushrooms & Cheese 1.75 Each

Made from our Waterfront Grille”s  special recipe

Italian: Topped with Rocky’s marinara sauce .85 Each

Sweet & Sour: Finished with s mixture of sauteed pickled guardeniera vegetables
splashed with red wine vinegar   .85 Each

Swedish: Topped with a light brown sherry wine gravy .85 Each

Stuffed Breads:
Made with our Waterfront Grille’s special recipe

Sausage Bread: Filled with sausage roasted peppers mushrooms & mozzarella 35.00

Spinach Bread: Filled with sauteed spinach & cheese mixture   35.00

Broccoli & Sun-dried Tomato: Filled with steamed broccoli tomatoes & cheese   35.00

Gourmet Pizza
Made with our Waterfront Grille’s slow roasted garlic

Roasted Garlic: 25.00 Each
Layered with our garlic & mozzarella  

Margherita: 25.00 Each
Layered with Rocky’s marinara basil & mozzarella  

Sliced Tomato: 25.00 Each
 Fresh sliced tomatoes blue cheese & almonds  

Greek: 32.00 Each
Eggplant roasted peppers sun-dried tomato caramelized onions olives & goat cheese  

Kristin’s: 27.00 Each
Fresh sliced tomato hot peppers kalamata olives caramelized onions & mozzarella  

Spring: 27.00 Each
Asparagus prosciutto ham goat cheese & mozzarella  


Entrees Pasta and Salads

Italian Specialties

Lemon Rosemary Chicken:
5.95 per person
Chicken breast thigh and leg pieces with the bone for maximum flavor oven roasted then finished off with roasted whole garlic cloves white wine & fresh lemon  

Chicken or Veal Francaise:
7.95/8.95 per person
Boneless chicken breast made with a fluffy egg batter finished with a sherry lemon butter sauce  

Chicken or Veal Melinaise: 7.95/8.95 per person
Boneless breast lightly breaded and served with lemon wedges & Rocky’s marinara sauce served on the side  

Eggplant Roll Ups: 6.95 per person
Made with  blend of cheeses & baked with Rocky’s marinara & more cheese  

Shrimp Chablis: 9.95 per person
Jumbo shrimp broiled with Waterfront’s Special wine sauce

Greens:  6.95 per person
Made with escarole prosciutto hot peppers bread crumbs cheese & a squeeze of
lemon juice   


Grilled Meats

Balsamic Vinegar & Garlic Marinated Pork Tenderloin: 7.95 per person
Grilled to light pink hand sliced very thin on the diagonal served with an apricot mayonnaise  

Skewered Tequila Chicken:
Boneless chicken breast cut into bite size pieces marinated in a spicy Tequila lime mixture threaded on skewers he grilled until golden   5.95 per person

Mom’s Marinated Beef:
 Flank steak that has been marinated in a special wine and vinegar mixture grilled to perfection hand sliced on the diagonal served with Mom’s barbecue sauce then served with a hoarse radish mayonnaise   7.95 per person

Grilled Hot Italian Sausages:
Cooked on the grill until golden sliced on the diagonal   6.95 per person

Pasta Combinations 4.95 per person

Sauce Choices: Rocky’s marinara, vodka sauce, alfredo sauce, or pesto sauce  

Pasta Choices:  Farfalle ( bow ties ) rigatono penne mezzanine fetucini or
saccitone ( sun-dried tomato & cheese filled pasta 4.95 per person)



Our Famous House Salad:
3.00 with crumbled blue cheese  
4.95 per person

Spring mix with sliced carrots red onion & cucumber served with our own
Italian salad dressing  

Antipasto Salad: 5.95 per person
Tuna aged provolone kalamata olives roasted peppers pepperincini hard cooked eggs chick peas on a bed of spring mix & romaine served with our own Italian dressing  

Chicken Caesar Salad: 5.95 per person
Romaine combines with our spring mix lettuce blend that is tossed with parmesan cheese our homemade croutons our creamy caesar dressing and topped with our marinated char-broiled boneless chicken breast  

Steak Salad: 6.95 per person
Orange sections feta cheese red onion and toasted walnuts on a bed of romaine and spring mix topped with grilled steak and our house orange poppy seed salad dressing  

Cold Chinese Noodle Salad: 
5.95 per person
Julienne baked ham and slivered roasted chicken breast combined with green onions and a warm and slightly spicy balsamic vinegar sesame seed dressing that get tossed all together with freshly cooked vermicelli pasta